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Viking Design Portfolio In & Near Prairieville, LA

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 31

Metallic Epoxy for the Shell Chemical Plant in Convent, Louisiana This floor installation was 40,000 square feet of metallic epoxy…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 26

Martin Brower Company Flooring in Baton Rouge, Louisiana It was another new installation for one of our clients, the Martin…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 17

A Wedding Venue In Prairieville, Louisiana The venue had an old brown stained concrete floor that needed innovation. The floor…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 28

A Green Metallic with White Accents in New Orleans, LA This concrete floor design was for prison reform in New…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 19

Turning a Garage into a Game Room Area in Laplace, Louisiana We did a small floor installation for a customer…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 30

New Pool Deck Poly Flake Coating in Plaquemine, Louisiana It’s summertime, so our client wanted to give their pool deck…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 11

Home Floor Installation in LaPlace Louisiana When water entered this house through the roof, their laminate flooring was damaged. That’s…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 28

Air Conditioning Company in New Orleans Floor Redevelopment This company is one of the previous clients that we worked with…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 11

Metallic Home Flooring in French Settlement, LA Bobby and Kattie Sheppard were rebuilding their home after the 2016 Baton Rouge…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 03

Garage Floor Coating in Oscar, LA Tony Clayton was looking for a beautiful flooring system to park his classic Corvette…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 12

From home area to home gym by flooring in Prairieville, LA Maggie and Lucas Black were converting an area of…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 02

Industrial Flooring for restaurant in Denham Springs, LA Doe’s 2 Seafood & Deli was rebuilding a location that flooded in…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 05

Replacing new floor for kitchen in Metairie, LA Creole Delicacies Kitchens had an old epoxy floor that was a few…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 13

Renew Floor for Academy in New Orleans, LA Stevenson Academy of Hair Design was renovating their historic 100+ year old…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 18

Concrete Covering For Church in Maurepas, LA First Baptist Church Head of Island was devastated by the 2016 flood. Their…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 23

Floor Installation in Prairieville Darrell & Melissa King purchased a beautiful home in Prairieville, LA that is a replica of…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 01

Hospice Floor coating in Harahan, LA St. Joseph Hospice was looking into removing the dated vinyl tile and updating their…

Stained-Concrete-Flooring 08

School Floor Leveling in Gonzales, LA Ascension Christian School was rebuilding their campus after the 2016 Baton Rouge flood. Three…

We have completed projects ranging from private home flooring to schools, churches, and hair salons in and near New Orleans And Prairieville, LA. With an extensive commercial and industrial flooring background, we are proud of what we have accomplished. Sometimes under challenging conditions that required quick responses. We owe a great deal of our success to our in-depth knowledge about the characteristics of different forms of floor coating. And of course the skills of our talented team and the tools, techniques, and technologies we have available to us.

It doesn't matter whether the project is commercial, residential, or industrial flooring; our approach is the same:
  • Find the best concrete floor design for you.
  • Provide the best value for your money.
  • Keep our promises.
  • Cooperate with others working on the same project.

If you're searching for a concrete flooring company in and near New Orleans and Prairieville, you can count on us!

A chair on a minimal concrete floor design in Prairieville, LA

Home Flooring

If you decide to go with a concrete floor for your home, we recommend several types of floor coatings: floor paints, epoxy paints, stains, and sealers. A floor coating protects against stains, moisture penetration, and corrosive chemicals. But coatings can fail if you don't prepare your floor properly before applying them. That's why we suggest not to do it on your own and leave it to a trusted contractor like us. We also test your concrete slab for moisture before applying the coating. An epoxy garage floor coating is quite viable and a smart choice for your garage. It's a durable and tough coating that can be used on any flooring. It can be used on a concrete floor, stone floor, or any other material to increase the lifespan and performance of your garage floor. Epoxy flooring comes in many attractive colors and designs and is easy to clean.

Industrial Flooring

For industries, we usually recommend concrete or epoxy floor coatings. We use tough materials to withstand chemicals and machinery commonly found in industrial businesses. It is useful not only for warehouses and manufacturing but also for hospitals, and airports. The most popular concrete floor design for many industries is epoxy flooring. Its resin-based nature and easy maintenance make epoxy the ideal material for warehouses. Concrete is also used widely in industries. It's the base for many industrial floors. And you can easily combine it with other types of flooring, like epoxy to create almost impermeable floors. Many industries, such as manufacturing, warehouses, auto service areas, and offices, can use a concrete floor.

Commercial Flooring

For spaces with a high degree of foot traffic that must withstand the regular movement of tables and spills like a hair salon or school cafeteria, we usually have coatings applied over concrete surfaces. While bare concrete flooring may seem like a good option, it’s not always the most durable flooring option. And you'll likely see cracking and deterioration over time without an additional layer. Under certain circumstances, a polished concrete floors can be a moderately chemically-resistant, low-maintenance option. We remove any imperfections from your concrete flooring through grinding. Then we apply a top layer to prolong the surface's life and make it easier to clean. You can also choose your favorite concrete floor design. Depending on how you plan to use your space, you can choose polished concrete in some places and epoxy coatings in others.