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From being the foundational cover of a home, concrete has truly traveled a long journey and remarkably evolved to become a preferred flooring material for modern design residences, offices and commercial buildings. Polished concrete flooring has now become a hot trend for a wide range of properties all across the globe. If you are in search of an ideal alternative to marble, tiles or granite, you should definitely consider this idea. It is not just restaurants, retail stores and offices that like to install polished concrete floors, but homeowners too have found this material a viable solution in many aspects. At the Viking Concrete Floors, we provide installation as well as repair of polished concrete.

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What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a modern version of standard concrete. The concrete is treated with chemical densifier and mechanically ground to fill out holes and pores across the entire surface. Polishing and grinding are key steps that are required to smoothen the standard concrete slab. The fineness of this floor depends on the number of grits. The more the number of grits, the greater the fineness. The minimum grit level for polished concrete is 800, and it can go up to 1500 or 3000. Right from the start of the procedure till dyeing and finishing, it requires skills and experience to achieve a nice finish. Polished concrete creates a striking contrast inside the home. Grade and finish are the two metrics that are used to measure the fineness and the shine of polished concrete floors.


Why You Should Install Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are in demand for a number of good reasons. At the Viking Concrete Floors, we have been installing these high-lustre and sophisticated floors in a large number of homes, offices and institutional facilities. Here are the key benefits that polished concrete has to offer.

Elegant and Attractive

Polished concrete has the potential to transform the ambiance of your home or office. The finished material has high reflectivity and carries a sophisticated look of its own. In fact, these floors suit every space as well as the requirements of modern design and architecture. You will find a wide range of colors and patterns in this category of flooring material. Depending on the overall decor of your property, you can have the installer achieve a perfectly matching finish.

Very Durable

Since polished concrete is concrete, it is a hard flooring material by nature. During the installation process, the material also passes through a process which hardens it even more. That is why this flooring material is highly strong and durable and can last for several decades in a row. All you need to do is do some little maintenance and the floor will remain in good shape.

Less Maintenance

The shine and reflectivity of polished concrete requires care. If you do not take proper care of the floors, the material can lose its shine gradually. However, the amount of maintenance required to keep polished concrete in excellent condition is less. With some basic attention and care, the floors will continue to shine for a very long time. Dust removal and mopping on a regular basis is all that is required to maintain the flooring material in a proper manner.

Easy to Clean

Use a simple soap and water solution to clean polished concrete floors, on a weekly basis. Apart from this, you should keep an eye out for any kind of stains or spots on the floor. If you see a spot, you should clean it immediately using water or a mild cleaning solution, as per the need.


Flooring materials such as marble and tiles are slippery. One key benefit with installing polished concrete in your home, apartment or office is that it is slip-resistant. Even though it has a great shine, it is not slippery. If you keep the floor clean and dry, you will find it even more slip-resistant.

Unsusceptible to Mold

After the floors have been polished with a great finish, the entire surface will become free from pores and holes. This means there is simply no chance of moisture entering into the material. As a result of this, the material remains mold-free. No trapped moisture means no mold. Polished concrete has some other benefits as well. All in all, this flooring material is a great match for anyone who is looking for a sleek, sophisticated and highly durable product. Compared to many other solutions, this product also suits every budget. Once you have this glossy flooring material installed in your home, you will also have better ambiance lighting.

Customization of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete transforms your slab in an attractive manner. The best part about this product is that it can also be customized to achieve unique looks and effects. At the Viking Concrete Floors, we have highly skilled and experienced installers who can treat the material with a wide range of chemical densifiers to create unique and eye-catching effects. We are well-versed in the application of chemicals and stains to create a similar look as that of leather, stone etc.

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If you are planning to transform the look of the existing concrete slab in your home, office, retail space or commercial building, the most ideal option is to turn it into a finished flooring surface. In this way, you can achieve a new sleek appearance without having to install a new floor altogether. At the Viking Concrete Floors, we specialize in the installation and repair of polished concrete. Our installers are well-known for accurate concrete treatment and application of stains for a unique look. As a leading concrete flooring contractor, we serve a wide range of clients in areas such as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, LA, Jackson, MS, & Beaumont, TX etc. Installation of high quality polished concrete with a great finish starts with a flooring contractor you can rely on. We look forward to turning your dull and grey slabs into an artistic creation.

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