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New Pool Deck Poly Flake Coating in Plaquemine, Louisiana

It’s summertime, so our client wanted to give their pool deck a new look, and what’s better than a concrete floor that is slip and heat resistant. We used custom poly flakes which are a cost-effective concrete floor that will give your floor the look of terrazzo with a custom blend of vinyl flakes. When choosing pool decks, you should also consider how much maintenance the floor needs. Our concrete floor coatings are water-resistant and need much less cleaning and maintenance compared to other flooring solutions.

Beautiful yet Long-lasting Poly Flakes

A concrete flooring is a perfect solution for pool decks in the hot Louisiana summer. The heat-resistant material we used on this pool deck will keep the floor as cold as possible to avoid burns in the summer. It’s also slip-resistant, which means there won’t be any more pool accidents.

Even though poly flake is sometimes considered to be an industrial product only used in garages and warehouses, it actually looks wonderful in a domestic setting and complements the decor of your home. They can be shaped with different images and textures based on your preference. 

What’s great about these poly flakes is that their floor installation process only takes a couple of hours, and yet they could keep their freshness for the longest time. 


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Choosing the right pool deck will greatly influence the look and feel of your pool. A deck can make a huge difference over another. Additionally, if you choose the wrong deck for your pool, you’ll have to deal with pool repairs and maintenance much more often than you otherwise would. At Viking Concrete Floors, We can help you find the right deck for your pool. Call us for a free estimate. Call now!
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