Epoxy Flooring In & Near Prairieville, LA

Epoxy Floors: Rock Hard, Tough as Nails, and a Multitude of options.

This High-Performance attractive floor surface is a wise investment for any structure that needs protection from wear or abuse.

  • Available in Traditional, Vinyl Flake, Silica, Color Quartz and Mica Flake
  • High-impact resistant
  • Resistant to slippage, temperature, extreme impact and fire
  • Resistant to oil, salts, chemicals, acids, water and wear
  • Antimicrobial
  • No VOC’s
  • “Green” and environmentally friendly
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable
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A Deeper Dive into Epoxy Flooring (Installation and Repair)

An epoxy is not paint and paint is not an epoxy. Floor paint is a latex acrylic product. Some floor paints do have a small amount of epoxy added to their mix so that they can add the word epoxy to their label. These are known as epoxy paints or 1-part epoxy paints. Epoxy itself is actually a thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating. Epoxy is formed when single molecules (monomers) of the epoxy resin chemical and the hardener combine to form long chains of molecules (polymers). The mixture merges to create an exothermic catalyzation curing process which produces a hard solid polymer. The end result is a coating that is much more substantial than paint and bonds tenaciously to the concrete surface. Epoxy is resistant to slippage, temperature, extreme impact and fire, maintaining the safety of the structure. It is also antimicrobial and will not transmit germs. Because of its tenacity, epoxy flooring is popularly used in most commercial and industrial buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, food and beverage plants, laboratories, commercial establishments as well as in residential garages. Both home owners and commercial property owners alike, have the most success finding exactly what they want in an epoxy flooring solution as opposed to other options.

Epoxy floors are available in a wide variety of colors and classes such as traditional, color flake, silica, color quartz and mica flake. All classes are high-performance attractive surfaces and cover up imperfections and flaws in the concrete slab. Their high gloss shine also brightens the space significantly due to light reflection.

Besides being a beautiful seamless floor coating, the thick hardened surface is incredibly resilient to impacts, chipping, stains, surface abrasions and survives continued exposure to potent chemicals. Epoxy flooring is a hard wearing durable solution which makes it a wise investment for any structure that needs protection from wear or abuse.

Concrete flooring is the safest, long-term choice for a flooring system. Being porous-free and seamless makes the surface wipe clean like a kitchen counter. Epoxy floors are a green option, quickly installed and a great value offering the best balance of economy and quality. Protecting and maintaining your flooring will guarantee you its longevity and epoxy floor coatings are the best way to do so.

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100% Solids Epoxy & Aliphatic Polyurethane Hybrid…

As a rule, you will get the maximum performance from your epoxy flooring by using both 100% solids epoxy and aliphatic polyurethane collectively. Polyurethane is used as a clear coat protectant for your new epoxy floors. Each of these coatings works in different ways, performs different functions and has advantages in particular applications. Both provide protection against chemical corrosion, wear and damage. Both are long-lasting and reduce replacement and maintenance costs. Both increase safety with non-slip surfaces. Both increase light reflectivity by up to 300% which lowers utility bills and brightens the space.

Epoxy is a reliable coating that offers superb protection and preservation. Aliphatic polyurethane is the ideal top coat for epoxy. This hybrid provides polymer materials that have excellent thermal and stress relieving properties and impact resistance. The main purpose for the hybrid is advanced protection from deterioration or contamination. Additional advanced benefits include aesthetics, wear, non-skid, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, physical performance and a myriad of other properties. Keep in mind that no other surface in a building, regardless of the building’s use, takes more abuse than its floors.

Like epoxy, polyurethane is also a thermosetting polymer and high performance coating. Of the differences, aliphatic polyurethane offers more flexibility which aids in impact absorption and is more abrasion resistant by as much as 3 to 1. Aliphatic polyurethane also has a higher resistance to chemicals including methylene chloride which is the main ingredient of paint thinner. The polyurethane surface is not as hard as epoxy but is more scratch resistant, tolerates larger temperature swings and humidity better. The polyurethane clear coat on top of your epoxy provides depth to its appearance, no fading, no oxidizing, no chalking and UV protection. We also add additional UVR to all polyurethane clear coats to impart extreme UV protection. The aliphatic polyurethane clear coat is available in high gloss, eggshell or satin finishes.

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