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Turning a Garage into a Game Room Area in Laplace, Louisiana

We did a small floor installation for a customer in Laplace, Louisiana. A garage was changed into a game room, and the result was incredible. We created a pearl-white base with black and gold splatter accents. We started surface preparation with the diamond grinding, and then coating with epoxy. The result was exciting. The durability of concrete floors and other significant benefits make them unique for game rooms. Various concrete floor designs are available to choose from. So, the design is entirely customizable, and any transformation is possible.

The Beautiful and Durable Pearl White Base

Concrete flooring can be the best solution for the hot summers of Louisiana. A pearl white base enhances the appeal of a game room. The slip-resistant feature of concrete creates a difference here and avoids accidents that usually occur on other types of floors.

Black and gold splatter accents will add to the beauty of the game room. The setting will affect the décor of the room significantly. Fortunately, concrete can be shaped with numerous textures and designs according to your preferences. The wonderful thing about this white pearl base is the pristine look that lasts long. The process is also not time-consuming like some other types of flooring.

Work with a Professional Concrete Flooring Company in & Near New Orleans and Prairieville

Choosing the right floor will amazingly change the look of your game room. If you select the wrong option, maintenance and repair expenses are in front of you. Our professionals at Viking Concrete Floors are ready to help you achieve the correct choice. Years of experience in line with knowledgeable professionals make us unique in the industry. Our esteemed customers are the best investments for our company. So, we do our best to keep them satisfied. Contact us immediately to feel the difference!

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