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Metallic Epoxy for the Shell Chemical Plant in Convent, Louisiana

This floor installation was 40,000 square feet of metallic epoxy for our client, the Shell Chemical Plant, based in Convent, Louisiana. The metallic epoxy floor was dolphin colored, and it was done for the administration building. The building was the workplace for many employees. The concrete floor installation was completed in 1 month. There were 4 sections to the administration building, and we did each section in 1 week. We appreciate the Shell employees who were friendly and cooperated with us. They ensured the carpet was removed and everything was ready. This project was phenomenal, and we look forward to more similar projects in the future!

Metallic Epoxy, Attractive and Durable

Dolphin Metallic Epoxy creates a fantastic look for places like administration buildings with many employees. Foot traffic is high in these places, so Metallic is the best choice due to its durability. These types of floors are available in various textures and colors. So they can keep different audiences satisfied. Dolphin

Metallic Epoxy adds to the beauty of each place and creates a fresh look. Multiple textures and images can be created through this type of flooring. The Metallic floor was an innovative idea for the Shell Chemical Plant because it was long-lasting and appealing. This type of flooring will meet the requirements and expectations of Shell Company in the best way. It is also budget-friendly and affordable for all companies, which is an important factor to consider.

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The type of flooring you choose will considerably affect the appearance of your place. Metallic Epoxy was a great idea, and it made a huge difference. In our concrete flooring company, we are always ready to help you through the entire floor installation. They give you the best ideas and are knowledgeable enough to guide you through the process. Years of experience and hard work make us unique in the industry. Contact Viking Concrete Floors to experience the services you deserve!
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