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School Floor Leveling in Gonzales, LA

Ascension Christian School was rebuilding their campus after the 2016 Baton Rouge flood. Three buildings were completely lost and had to be rebuilt. These buildings were a few decades old and had a few different floor leveling systems added on top of each other through the years. Once these buildings were gutted, there were massive amounts of old adhesive and grout left behind.

They wanted to install flooring that would not be lost should their campus ever flood again in the future. Polished concrete Floors fit exactly what they were looking for. The challenge was to grind through all of the layers of adhesive and grout for such a massive facility to reveal an uncontaminated slab, all within their construction timeline.

The Process

Concrete Flooring Company in Prairieville went to work, one building at a time. The grinding was accomplished with our 30″ diamond grinder and 13″ edge grinder. The primary removal included covering the concrete in sand and water to wet grind with coarse diamond bits. Once this stage was complete, we were then able to grind through the many stages of diamond grits to reveal a new smooth concrete surface. The slab was then stained a charcoal gray, finished in lithium and transformed into heavy duty polished concrete flooring.

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After polished floor leveling
Before polished floor leveling
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