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Concrete Flooring Services In & Near Prairieville, LA

Don’t think of concrete flooring as only an option for industries. Today, concrete flooring offers a variety of looks and patterns. In fact, you will be surprised to know the kind of design versatility concrete flooring has come to offer. Whether you are looking for attractive colors, finishes or designs, you will have a wide range of concrete flooring products to choose from.

At our Concrete Flooring Company In & Near Prairieville, we have installed concrete flooring in a wide range of residential properties including houses, apartments, condos, dormitories, rooming houses and townhouses as well as commercial buildings wich are available in our concrete floor design portfolio.
Our professionals are highly trained in the installation of all kinds of concrete flooring including Stained Flooring, Polished Flooring, Epoxy Flooing, Cool Touch Floor Coating and etc. Concrete floors do not just look beautiful, but they are sustainable, long-lasting and low-maintenance. Most of all, these flooring products are economical too.

Our Floor Installation Services

Stained Concrete Flooring in Prairieville

Stained Floors are a lot more resilient and durable than traditional flooring materials. The strength of these floors exceeds 4,500 pounds per square inch. Apart from being low-maintenance and odor-free, stained flooring reduces energy bills and is environmentally safe too.

Metallic Flooring project In & Near Prairieville, LA

Property owners select Metallic Flooring for its vibrant color and luxurious appearance. This type of concrete flooring offers multiple attractive finishes to choose from. Due to the presence of fine metallic particles in it, the flooring product brightens up any space in an elegant manner..

Epoxy Floor Coating In & Near Prairieville, LA

This is a high-performance concrete flooring, the installation of which involves the application of a thermosetting resin as coating. Usually, Epoxy Flooring is installed in commercial buildings and establishments. Having high resistance to impact, the product is available in multiple colors.

school polished concrete floor Prairieville

This concrete flooring is an excellent alternative to marble, tiles or granite flooring. Whether it is a house or a commercial establishment, Polished Concrete suits every type of property. Key features of this flooring product include high durability, slip resistance and multiple customization options

Prairieville Epoxy Flake project

This type of Epoxy Flooring involves coating with Flakes, a specific type of product. If you are looking for a versatile floor covering for residential and commercial buildings as well as industrial settings, epoxy flakes product is an ideal option with colors, styles and textures.

backyard heat resistant coating in Prairieville

Also referred to as Cool Touch Flooring, this product does not just enhance the visual appeal, but it also offers resistance to heat. If you choose to install this flooring, you don’t have to worry about slips and falls either. A total of 35 color options are available with this type of flooring.

Commercial Rubberized flooring in Prairieville

Installation of this unique coating system is done using special technique. The rubberized coating offers useful features such as high durability, slip resistance and 100% waterproof. This product suits both residential and commercial spaces and comes in a variety of colors.

Surface Preparation by Viking Cocrete floors in Prairieville

For a great design, every floor requires to be prepared in a proper manner. This needs experience to take out adhesives, paint, coating, etc. The way a surface is prepared determines how good the new coating will perform.

Unlike other flooring products, concrete flooring takes time to install. Plus, it needs to be installed by trained professionals.
Although concrete flooring installation is time-consuming, the payoff is truly worth all the effort invested. Once the product has been laid in your home or commercial facility, you can live in peace for decades without having the need to replace it. Viking Concrete Floors offers expert installation of these products in a professional manner In and near New Orleans And Prairieville, LA.

The installation procedure consists of:

  • Surface Preparation: Our professionals will first of all prepare the floor. The concrete will be cleaned and grounded. If the surface is rough or uneven, the installation will not be proper. The professionals will employ various techniques and tools to complete the first step in an accurate manner. Surface prep work usually involves brushing, grinding, abrasive blasting, flame cleaning etc.
  • Decorative Treatments: The process of concrete flooring installation varies depending on what type of finish you choose. Different types of finishes include acid-stained, dyed, epoxy, metallic, polished etc. With the use of the latest technology, our expert installers will carry out the entire job effectively.
  • Sealer or Topcoats: Finally, it is time for our technicians to give your concrete floors a great finish. The protective finish that we apply will maximize the durability of the flooring in your home, apartment or building. Another key purpose of applying the topcoat is to make floor maintenance easy. Again, this is a task, which requires a great deal of skills, precision and attention to detail.

As a highly experienced concrete floor contractor, we possess in-depth knowledge of the entire installation procedure. Our installers make sure that each step of the process is followed with the highest level of accuracy. The time taken to complete the installation depends on the size and complexity of the project. For further details, you should feel free to reach out to one of our specialists.

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Our Concrete Repair Services

Though properly installed concrete floors will last for decades, the need for repairs may arise due to various reasons. Timely repair and maintenance of the flooring will further prolong their life by several years

There are common methods that can be used to repair damaged concrete flooring or give it the required maintenance. At first, our technicians will evaluate the exact state of the flooring in your property. The key steps that the process of concrete repair involves are as follows.

  • Ascertain the cause of damage
  • Assess the extent of damage
  • Evaluate the need to repair
  • Select the right repair method
  • Prepare the damaged floor for repair
  • Perform the repair work
  • Give repair adequate time to cure

Concrete flooring can sustain various kinds of damages due to exposure to external elements. Corrosion is the common reason for damaged concrete. Moisture can also cause damage to the floor. In any case, there are ample repair methods to suit a specific kind of flooring damage. Based on what kind of repair is required, we may use gravity filling, stamped concrete, resin injection, extra reinforcement, crack stitching, routing and sealing among others.

a floor which needs concrete repair service in Prairieville, LA
Need Concrete Repair Services In & near Prairieville? Call Us now! 233-5555-875

Why You Should Hire Our Services

Our Concrete Floor Company has a highly reputed name in the concrete flooring domain all across New Orleans and Prairieville, LA. Our company has the distinction of installing more than 3,000,000 sq ft of concrete floors in different types and sizes of residential and commercial properties.

All our flooring installers and technicians are highly trained and quite well-versed with an array of concrete flooring installation procedures. We have a solid track record for delivering high-performance concrete floors at competitive prices. Whether it is a small project or a big one, we treat every job with the highest level of professionalism and deliver results you can be proud of. Once the installation is completed, you will have an elegant and multidimensional customized flooring, which will resemble the appearance of fine marble or soft leather.

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