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A Wedding Venue In Prairieville, Louisiana

The venue had an old brown stained concrete floor that needed innovation. The floor was about 20 years old, as long as the place had been open. A pearl white metallic epoxy floor was our ultimate goal to accomplish. It was a kind of floor that could totally change the venue’s appearance. We started with grinding, and the floor installation took 2 days. On the first day, we applied the base coat, and metallic was for the next day. The result was pretty exciting!

Pearl White Metallic Epoxy

The metallic epoxy flooring was perfect for the wedding venue. It is a high-traffic area, so concrete epoxy’s durability and long-lasting features can be an ideal match. Customized design is another helpful feature in these places. Concrete is customizable and can be painted in different colors and designs. Effortless cleaning is a must-be for these crowded venues. Fortunately, concrete flooring is easily cleanable, and it has a low-maintenance cost. The shiny look of epoxy adds to the beauty of the floor. A combination of positive features is available for concrete, making it unique compared to other types of flooring.

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