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Epoxy Flake Flooring In & Near Prairieville, LA

Epoxy flake flooring is a durable, non-skid, resin based floor coating system that delivers complete customization to commercial, residential and industrial floors with an endless range of color styles, texture, size and blending options.

What is Epoxy Flake Flooring ?

Flakes are composed of water-based resin materials, inorganic minerals, additives and various pigments. This unique product is integrally pigmented, brilliantly colored, random in shape, sized within a standardized range and custom blended with infinite options to achieve optimal appearance and texture qualities with a resin based flooring system that will hide subsurface imperfections.

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Why Choose Epoxy Flakes?

Epoxy Flakes are also known as decorative vinyl color chips or flecks. They are specially formulated aggregates used to enhance the qualities of seamless, resin based chip or flake flooring systems. This unique product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range and custom blended to match any decor. Because of their unique properties, they deliver complete customization to commercial, residential and industrial floors with an endless range of color styles, texture, size and blending options.

  • Superior chemical & Abrasion Resistance

    Epoxy Flake floors are extremely durable and provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance over pre-engineered floors. They are wax free and economical to upkeep with soap and water.

  • Custom Color & Texture

    Unlike conventional flooring options, flakes are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, styles and patterns that can be custom designed to accent, balance, complement and influence any decor. There are over 150 color styles besides custom color matching available to complement any decor.

  • Cost Effective

    Epoxy Flakes provide a cost effective alternative to pre-engineered floors.

  • Seamless Flooring

    Resinous flooring provides a seamless floor that does not collect dirt, moisture or germs. Flake flooring provide a seamless and flexible surface that also deadens noise.

  • Available in Mica, Quartz, Wood Chips and Glitter Flakes

Prairieville Epoxy Flake Options

Mica Flake

Mica flakes make resinous flooring glisten with natural crystalline beauty. These unique metallic flakes are derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals known as Mica which include muscovite, phlogopite, biotile, clintonite and others. The mica family of minerals contain highly perfect basal cleavage.

Through a highly technical manufacturing process, the mica is separated into natural color groups and broken down into standardized flake sizes. These unique flakes provide a natural metallic luster to resinous flooring systems, which cannot be achieved with engineered materials.

Natural Mica resinous flooring aggregates is available in multiple colors and 3 size ranges that can be blended, mixed and matched to customize your floor and complement any decor.

 In & Near Prairieville, New OrleansEpoxy Mica Flake catalog

Quartz Flake

Quartz make resinous flooring as safe as if is ergonomic and decorative. This unique product is brilliantly color-coated with a superior resin system and high quality colorfast pigments to provide optimal durability and extreme performance in the most demanding environments. In addition to their superior resilience to harsh chemicals and UV rays, quartz granules can be applied to achieve many different textures and levels of slip resistance to prevent slip and fall injuries and minimize liability.

 Epoxy Quarts flakes  In & Near Prairieville, New Orleans

Natural Wood Flakes

Reclaim your environment with the serenity of organic wood species. The ecological simplicity of natural wood flakes will enhance your environment with minimalistic earthliness and purity. This innovative wood flooring solution combines the antimicrobial benefits of seamless flooring with nature’s elegant wood grains to create a timeless appeal and persevere for the life of your floor.

Natural wood chips are available in a range of natural color collections. From the timeless warmth of classic hardwood to the unique elements of exotic species to the subtle blend of contemporary light and dark shades, resinous wood flooring bridges the gap between timeworn luxury and resilient performance.
Natural wood chips turn ordinary floor finishes into extraordinary design statements.

Natural wood flakes Flakes in  In & Near Prairieville, New Orleans

Glitter Flakes

This glittering collection of decorative elements creates a natural flow of energy in your environment allowing you to accent, highlight and influence the expression of specific design features in your decor. Enhance your next resinous performance flooring project with the metallic luster of glitter flakes.

Glitter flakes can be added to any of our resinous flake flooring systems to add a unique metallic luster to your floor.

Glitter flakes is One of Epoxy flake sample

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