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Concrete Surface Preparation In & Near Prairieville, LA

Every great floor begins with a well prepared concrete slab.

Surface preparation for the concrete repair works is the important step for the development of proper bond with the new concrete.

What is Concrete Floor Surface Preparation?

It is well known in our industry that most concrete flooring system failures are a direct result of improper concrete surface preparation.
Various methods are used for the preparation of surfaces for concrete repair works. Utilizing our array of industrial concrete diamond grinders and vacuums we will prepare your slab the correct way.

Our Concrete Flooring Company in Prairieville provides Concrete Floor Surface Preparation In & Near Prairieville, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette, LA, Jackson, MS, & Beaumont, TX,…
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Why Choose us for Surface Preparation?

If the surface substrate is not properly prepared to receive the coating, the surface could reject the coating through delamination. Our industrial concrete diamond grinders remove the top layer of concrete to open up the pores within the concrete to allow for extreme bonding of the coating to your concrete surface.

We offer:

  • Standard Concrete Slab Preparation
  • Removal of Adhesives
  • Removal of Pain & Coatings
  • Removal of Grout
  • Removal of Oils & Stains
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Need Surface Preparation In & Near Prairieville, LA ?

Surface preparation is the key for any paint, stain, sealer or Flooring Services, especially on concrete surfaces. Our Experts are here with professional and industrial concrete diamond grinders and vacuums. Feel free to Reach out to us or fill out the form below to prepare your surface accurately.

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