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Metallic Epoxy Floor In & Near Prairieville, LA

Metallic Flooring: Striking appearance, Vibrant Color, Multiple Finishes

A dynamic, three-dimensional custom floor that causes jaws to drop yet is priced similarly to stained concrete floors.

What is Metallic Flooring?

Metallic floors are the most luxurious of concrete flooring. Metallic epoxy is created by combining an ultra-fine metallic powder into a 100% solid Epoxy creating depth and originality never before seen in flooring systems. By disrupting the ultra-fine metallic particles into different patterns and levels within the thickness of the coating allows the light refraction on the floor to create its visually striking appearance and brighten up any space without adding additional lighting. A one-of-a-kind elegance is generated through the illusion of basins, waves and whirling oceans of metallic plasma.

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Metallic Epoxy Floor In & Near Prairieville, LA Metallic Flooring project In & Near Prairieville, LA Metallic Flooring In & Near Prairieville, LA  Prairieville Metallic floor coating
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Why choose Metallic Flooring?

Metallic Epoxy floor is increasingly being specified as the principal flooring product for thousands of projects across the US. Metallic epoxy flooring produces a dynamic, color changing, three-dimensional custom floor with a seamless showroom finish for commercial and residential solutions. There is no other flooring option that has the appeal, depth, luster and three-dimensional visual effects. Through its dramatic color, depth and patterns brings a vibrant life creating a standout environment and a new level of modern sophistication.

It can be installed anywhere a traditional floor can be installed; onto new or existing concrete slabs or even over a wood substrate. For those in quest of an extraordinary look for their floor will be captivated by the capability of metallic epoxy to transform any space into one of distinction. This system was designed for use when a truly exclusive flooring option is desired.

  • Wow Factor Flooring

    Metallic epoxy floors are one of the greatest ever technological breakthroughs in the concrete flooring industry. It has become the most luxurious concrete flooring option on the market. It is affordable, especially when compared to other wow factor flooring options.

  • High-Resistance Flooring

    Metallic epoxy floors are by far the strongest, most durable and high-impact resistant flooring systems currently on the market. They are resilient to impacts, chipping and surface abrasion and resistant to oil, salts, chemicals, acids, water and wear.

  • Unsurpassed Durability

    With unsurpassed durability compared to traditional flooring options, caustic chemicals are easily wiped away without worry and will not stain.

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  • Moisture and skid resistant

    Naturally moisture resistant and skid resistant, they are the exceptional choice for any home or commercial building where the flooring must withstand a high level of traffic or abuse, even vehicular traffic.

  • No VOC’s

    Metallic flooring is installed with no VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). Concrete floors allow moisture to evaporate and provide no place for dust mites, mold or mildew to grow, cleans easily and will not store odors. Therefore, the air above and around a Metallic Epoxy Floor is optimal in terms of the home’s or building’s environment.

  • Green and Environmentally friendly

    The use of concrete flooring is one of the best ways for a building to qualify as a Green Building. Concrete as a building material is made from local materials, uses recycled materials, and is energy efficient to produce. Therefore, concrete floors use the existing slab and avoid the consumption of new flooring materials.

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  • Low Maintenance

    Metallic epoxy flooring is both a low-maintenance and affordable flooring choice and is regarded as a high performance floor coating

  • Affordable

    Even large areas can be coated for a reasonable cost for use as an overall long-term solution. Installation can be completed in half the time of most other traditional concrete flooring options and can also be used as a resurfacing agent for old or worn concrete.

At Viking Concrete Floors, We offer 100% Solids Metallic Epoxy & Aliphatic Polyurethane Hybrid.

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