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It was another new installation for one of our clients, the Martin Brower Company. They wanted a new look for their break room. The concrete floor design that we chose for the breakroom was the dolphin metallic flooring because of its unique look. We used the diamond grinder to start the surface preparation. The installation was supposed to take 3 days. The base coat was applied on the first day, the metallic on the second day, and the clear coat on the last day. The company’s logo was supposed to be under the clear coats, which was an innovative and fantastic idea.

Dolphin Metallic, Beautiful and Long-Lasting

Dolphin metallic can create a fresh look for places like breakrooms. Concrete floors are sustainable and long-lasting. Fortunately, these types of floors are customizable due to their various textures and colors. In addition to adding beauty to the floor, dolphin metallic create an incredible appearance. It can be shaped with numerous textures and images to make an exclusive area. The company’s logo can also be shaped clearly, an innovative marketing idea. Concrete flooring brings functionality in line with beauty. It is also affordable and budget-friendly, a beneficial feature for today’s world.

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Choosing the right floor will significantly change your breakroom. Dolphin metallic can make a huge difference here. The new look can lead to further problems if you select the wrong flooring option. Our professionals at Viking Concrete Floors can help you achieve the best ideas. Our experts are knowledgeable enough to guide you through the entire floor installation process. Years of experience make us outstanding; our history is a telltale sign of the company’s performance. Contact us to join a true revolution in flooring!

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