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Air Conditioning Company in New Orleans Floor Redevelopment

This company is one of the previous clients that we worked with a couple of months ago. Back then, they needed floor installation for the main area in their lobby. We used custom poly flakes on all of those high traffic areas to create a clean beautiful look. Custom poly flakes are a cost-effective concrete floor design that will give your floor the look of granite or terrazzo by using a custom blend of vinyl flakes.

Epoxy With Urethane Coatings

For this floor redevelopment project, they needed to renew the floor for the warehouse section of their office at Callaway, New Orleans, Louisiana. This time we used a solid color epoxy flooring with urethane on top in order to provide their warehouse with a uniform appearance. Urethane floor coatings last long and look great. This type of concrete floor is designed to protect against ultraviolet light and abrasions. If you have an industrial building that receives a lot of daily traffic, this concrete floor design would be a good choice for you. 
Additionally, urethane is available in a variety of colors, but can also be applied clearly so the existing colors and textures of the floor can show through.

The finished product is a gray epoxy with a tinted gray urethane on top which offers a super simple way to go from a bare concrete floor that’s hard to keep clean to something that is so easy to maintain and looks much cleaner. 

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