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FAQ About Concrete Flooring In & Near Prairieville, LA

Concrete flooring is shiny, smooth and stylish. No matter what type of home decor you are planning, concrete flooring will not just be a good fit, but they will also enhance the interiors. If you have not considered concrete coatings and flooring for your houses, apartments and buildings, you should definitely check out the variety of products this flooring category has to offer.

At the Viking Concrete Floors in Prairieville, LA, we specialize in a broad range of concrete floors including stained concrete, metallic concrete and epoxy concrete as well as cool touch and rubberized concrete floor coatings. This FAQ section aims to answer some of your most common questions in regard to different types of concrete.

Is installing concrete floors a good idea?

The variety available in concrete flooring makes them a good stylistic fit for your house or apartment. Concrete coatings and floorings can make some of the most elegant, vibrant and colorful you have ever seen. Provided the installation is done in a correct and professional manner, concrete floors can last for a very long period while requiring little maintenance.

Is concrete flooring affordable?

Yes. Compared to tile and many other flooring products, concrete floors are significantly less expensive. The installation of tile becomes expensive due to high material and labor costs. Though the cost of laying down concrete floors will vary based on the slab size and gloss level, you can install polished concrete in your house or building while staying within budget.

What are the pros and cons of concrete flooring?

Concrete flooring is incredibly strong and long-lasting. Unlike many other flooring products, concrete does not scrape and dent. It is an ideal flooring for areas and rooms where you get a heavy amount of traffic. Even the largest items of furniture will not be able to crush this flooring. Due to its aesthetic potential, you can have this product installed in a broad range of styles and colors. Concrete flooring is also easy to maintain and resistant to stain, fire and bacteria.

Concrete feels hard and cold under the feet. However, you can keep the floors warm by raising the sub floor off the concrete or lay down a dense foam padding under the laminate. There are other ways too.

Does concrete flooring crack?

Exposure to extreme temperature changes and other harsh weather conditions can cause concrete to crack. But there are many techniques you can use to prevent such cracks. If the flooring is installed and sealed in a proper manner, it will remain in great shape for a long time. Also, there are several methods technicians employ to repair and fix cracks in an effective manner. For more details, feel free to reach out to one of our experts at the Viking Concrete Floors.

Is concrete flooring cheaper than hardwood flooring?

Yes. Concrete floors are a very affordable option for homes. In fact, they are usually more affordable than wood. The cost of installing hardwood floors starts from $12 and can go up to $20 per square foot. Concrete flooring can be installed in a house or building at a cheaper rate.

How long does concrete coatings last?

If regular maintenance is given, concrete coatings can last for several years in a row. Just remember to mop the floor as soon as chemical or oil spills on the floor. One of the secrets for longer lifespan of concrete coatings is to pay serious attention to surface preparation during installation. Get in touch with the Viking Concrete Floors to have the product installed by experienced professionals and know how to increase the longevity of concrete coatings in your house.

Can any concrete slab be polished?

Whether a concrete surface can be polished depends on the quality and the condition of the surface. If the surface is damaged or too soft, it will be difficult to polish the surface. So, the first step is to assess the actual condition of the floor. If you want your floor to get polished, you will first need professionals to assess its condition. Feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists to find out whether the present condition of your floor makes it suitable for polishing.

Can concrete floors get scratched?

It is hard for concrete floors to get scratches. The range of concrete flooring products we provide are not easily scratched, even if it has gloss finish. However, if the floor covering gets scratched, you can always seek the help of our professionals to apply an additional layer of finish. Application of wax to the floor is a useful way to prevent it from getting scratches.

Do concrete floors get mold?

Whether your concrete floors will get mold depends on which region your property is located in. If you reside in an area where mold susceptibility is high, your floors can get mold. However, such an issue is avoidable by adopting some specific techniques during the installation of your concrete floor. When it comes to concrete floor installation, you should always rely on expert installers.

How should I maintain polished concrete?

All concrete floors are low-maintenance. You do not have to stress too much to keep your floors looking great for a long time. If you install polished concrete in your home or building, you should make sure you keep the surface free from dust and debris on a regular basis. Anything that can cause abrasion to decorative concrete should be quickly mopped and cleaned up. Mopping the floor with a neutral cleaner once a week should be sufficient.

Will epoxy on external applications turn yellow?

A standard concrete floor does not give up its color or turn yellow unless it remains exposed to a significant amount of UV rays. When it comes to the installation of epoxy concrete flooring outside, our technicians use products with special UV-blocking features to prevent it from discoloring.

Hopefully, you now have better clarity on the installation of concrete flooring and what it has to offer for homes and offices.

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