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When water entered this house through the roof, their laminate flooring was damaged. That’s when they contacted our Concrete Flooring Company In & Near New Orleans And Prairieville, LA, to come up with a new concrete floor design.

Laminate flooring offers many benefits, but there are some drawbacks as well, one of which is laminate floor water damage. There are disasters in high-moisture environments, and if too much water is exposed to them for too long, they can buckle, crack, or split.

Beautiful Metallic Marbles

The water damaged their subfloor and filled their concrete subfloor with all kinds of problems and cracks. We started the floor installation process by repairing the subfloor. We patched smaller cracks with a concrete sealant and then continued to renew the floor. 

The concrete floor design this client chose is one of our favorites. Our Metallic Marble concrete Floor is simply stunning! Unique and unrepeatable, this floor will never be duplicated. It’s the metallic that’s added to the epoxy that gives the floor its marble effect.

We always love how black and grey accents turn out in the pearl metallic flooring. They go perfectly with the customer’s backsplash! And they look even better once all the furniture is back in place. 

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If you have cracked concrete flooring, we will turn them into beautiful floors that catch everyone’s attention. Choose a concrete floor design, and we’ll renovate your old home floor for a fraction of the cost. Contact Viking Concrete Floors if you’re looking for a concrete flooring company in & near New Orleans and Prairieville, LA.
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