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The Cost Comparison of Concrete Floors vs. Other Flooring Options

The cost comparison is a challenging task, and various factors are involved. When you start concrete flooring or any other type of flooring, there are additional costs to consider other than the material and labor. For instance, you might need to haul away the old flooring with lots of trash. Therefore, before the comparison, you must be sure about what is included in your flooring. If you do this, you will compare apples to apples in a sensible way. Concrete is among the most popular choices for many individuals who start floor installation. This article will demonstrate a cost comparison between concrete and other flooring choices.

comparing costs of concrete flooring

Concrete VS. Other Types of Flooring

Concrete has various advantages like durability and easy maintenance over the other flooring options. Concrete withstands heavy furniture and high foot traffic, so it is a good choice for residential and commercial areas. Easy maintenance is another nice feature of concrete that makes it outstanding among multiple flooring options. Concrete is also resistant to stains and damages, a critical property that can’t be seen in many other flooring types. Concrete is cost-effective compared to other choices, and its long-lasting features make it flooring for a lifetime.

Cost-effectiveness Matters

Concrete is budget-friendly and easy to clean. The low maintenance cost of concrete will help you keep your pristine flooring look for a more extended period. If you compare concrete with other options like ceramic and tile, you will notice the price difference per square foot. The cost of alternatives like wood and marble flooring is much higher than concrete, and many individuals and businesses can’t afford them. It is clear that concrete flooring options are more affordable than the other types. Concrete also has fewer expenses regarding cleaning and maintenance, a fantastic feature that saves you lots of money. So if your budget is tight and limited, concrete can help you immensely. The durability of concrete frees you from floor installation after a few years, which means more peace of mind.

Wide Variation in Concrete Price

Concrete costs can be in a broad range due to different factors that affect the prices. These are some of the factors that make cost variation:

Size of the place

The size of the area is a critical factor to consider. The overall cost for a larger area is higher than any other flooring option. Remember that the more concrete you require for your project, the less you will pay per square foot.

Adding color to the concrete

The addition of color is another important feature that affects the cost of concrete floors. Although the plain industrial look has been popular recently, many people prefer to add color to their floor and create a perfect match between the floor and the rest of the place. It will lead to astonishingly beautiful floors, but the price will be higher due to the requirement of additional materials.

The finished look

The type of finish is another essential factor that also affects the cost. The kind of finish relates to the amount of grinding you need to achieve the finish you like. For example, if you increase the amount of grinding, you will need more labor, automatically raising the cost.

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The Cost of Polished Concrete in 2023

If you want a basic design for a residential area, polished concrete costs you $3 to $5 per square foot on average. If you prefer a more elaborate design, the cost will be higher due addition of colors, custom patterns, and more. Polished concrete is a favorite choice for inside and outside of buildings. A combination of affordability, resiliency, and durability makes polished concrete a popular option for kitchens, bedrooms, patios, garages, and other areas.

The lifecycle cost of this type of flooring is 60% lower than other flooring choices. Fortunately, polished concrete won’t harbor any dust and allergens. So, this flooring type is healthy and prevents many health hazards. Polished concrete is low-maintenance compared to other options, and you don’t have to spend lots of money cleaning and repairing. The durability of concrete saves you a considerable amount of cost in the long run, so this flooring option is much cheaper than many significant choices. So many colors and design options are available for concrete to add a touch of beauty to your floors.

Stained, Stamped, and Scored Concrete Cost

Depending on various factors like the number of colors and job size, staining can cost you $5 to $15 per square foot on average. On average, the cost for stamped concrete is around $5 to $12 per square foot, which is done when the pouring is finished. Scored concrete to make patterns can cost approximately $1 to $2 for each square foot. Sealing is not required for polished concrete, but more protection will be provided against stains, acids, chemicals, and other issues if you do it. Sealing can cost $2 to $4 for each square foot. Remember, these figures have slight differences between companies, and they are the average prices.

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