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How to Remove Oil Stains from Garage Concrete Floors?

Garage floors suffer a lot of damage due to the presence of heavy tools and dirty cars. Many things will spill on these floors, and it is tough to keep them clean. Oil is one of the most challenging things to clean from the floors, and there’s no doubt about it. It seems that oil usually finds its way onto the surface of the garage, whether it is from engine repairs, leaky cars, and other things. While it is not easy to remove the oil, there are some methods to get it off the garage’s concrete flooring. Keep reading because we talk about some effective techniques in this article.

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How Can I Wipe Oil Stains from the Garage Floor?

The wiping process of the concrete garage floor is a two steps process. Moist the initial spill first and then wipe the oil off the floor. Using baking soda to wet the initial spill is the best way because it is highly effective. Pour the baking soda on the stain, and let it stay on the stain for a couple of hours. Later, remove the baking soda and utilize a commercial cleaner to scrub the stain. You can remove most of the stain by using this method. Keep reading for more techniques and in-depth features.

Removing Stains by Using Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is a good absorber of liquid. Some kitty litters are clay-based and most effective for wiping fresh oil spills. Fortunately, kitty litter is cost-effective and available in large quantities. In order to clean the stain, you must put a generous amount of it on the stain. Then, allow it to make a mass and dry. Finally, sweep the litter and clean the area.

Utilize Cornmeal or Cornstarch

Cornmeal or cornstarch is another effective absorbent for moistening the freshly spilled oil on garage concrete. If you use these products for cooking, you can see that they can thicken up very fast. This characteristic makes it perfect for removing oil from the floor. To wipe the stain:

  1. Put these products on the oil stain.
  2. Wait a long time because cornmeal or cornstarch must absorb the oil and dry.
  3. Sweep and clean up the entire area.

The Miraculous Effect of Sawdust and Paint Thinner

If the oil spill is fresh, a combination of sawdust and paint thinner can remove the oil stain and bring back the previous glory to your floor. Don’t forget a safety note here. Sawdust and paint thinner are both highly flammable materials. Try to keep them away from heat sources. In order to wipe the stain, combine sawdust with paint thinner and continue until saturation appears. Then, smear the combination over the stain and cover the place with a plastic sheet. It would help if you waited a couple of hours to see the effect. In the end, remove the sheet and sweep the area.Are you searching for concrete flooring in & near Prairieville, LA? Our concrete flooring company is a fantastic choice that you can make. We offer the best services due to the knowledge and experience of our teammates. Call us now to experience the best benefits you’ve ever seen!

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Concrete Cleaners

Concrete cleaners work the same way as sawdust and paint thinner we mentioned above. Some of the ingredients in concrete cleaners work as solvents, and others absorb the oil. The effectiveness of concrete cleaners is more than homemade solutions. You can also use these commercial cleaners for old stains. These commercial cleaners are available in many online retail stores. When you use these products, be cautious because their contact with the eye and skin can cause serious problems. You will need the cleaner, coarse brush, and dustpan to start the cleaning process. First, pour the concrete cleaner on the oil stain and let the cleanser dry. Finally, scrub the dried cleaner by using a coarse brush.

The Miraculous Effect of Industrial Degreasers

Degreasers remove the stubborn stains from the concrete. Degreasers work through chemical reactions to break down or bind the oil. So, the oil stain will be removed from the concrete floor. Degreasers are not similar to cleaning products because they contain ingredients that react with greasy soil. If you have a stubborn old stain, degreasers are helpful. Degreasers are more caustic and corrosive than general concrete cleaners. So, take some precautionary actions to avoid problems. Always read the safety instructions carefully to avoid unexpected events. You need a degreaser, wire brush, and kitty litter or water for cleaning. First, pour the industrial degreaser on the stain and clean the area with a wire brush. Finally, you can stream the water over the place or soak it with kitty litter.

Are Eco-Friendly Degreasers Available?

These degreasers work based on the principles of the industrial ones. However, they have less harmful materials for the environment. They have solvents and emulsifiers made from organic things. These types of degreasers are available in many online retail stores. These products are much safer for you and the environment, but you still need to be cautious. Wear gloves when using these degreasers, and don’t splash them on your body:

  1. It would be best if you put the degreaser over the stain.
  2. Clean the stain with a wire brush.
  3. Spray the place with water.

You can also use kitty litter at this final stage.

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