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How are Concrete Floors Made?

How are concrete floors made

Concrete is the most basic material, which is used to lay the foundation of a building. If you are in search of very strong and highly durable flooring material, concrete floors are certainly going to be the top choice. This flooring material suits the needs of both homeowners and commercial property owners. However, floors made of concrete have come a long way over the years.

Thanks to the latest technological progress, many new methods have emerged to turn this basic building material into floors that are not just extremely long-lasting, but also very eye-catching. Modern flooring professionals offer a huge variety of design options for concrete flooring. Whether you live in a house, apartment or condo, you can give these floors a unique design pattern to match the overall decor of your home. The best part about this type of floor is that you don’t have to worry about dents and scratches, unlike many other flooring options.

Components of a Concrete Floor

Since concrete floors are both basic and common, you will easily spot these in streets and driveways. But have you ever wondered what are those components that make up a concrete floor? If you have not, here is a quick look into how these floors are made, for your knowledge and understanding.

The bottom-most layer in a concrete floor is made up of gravel (properly graded stone) and sand. Engineers pay serious attention to the preparation of the sub-base because this is the layer that determines the performance of the entire floor. The better the sub-base is prepared, the stronger the floor will be. It is the job of a civil engineer or the building contractor to ensure the sub-base is properly laid so that it can remain strong for several decades in a row.

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Sub Base

The sub-base also has a vapor barrier sheet over it. The purpose of this sheet is to stop moisture from getting into the concrete. Over this sheet is placed another sheet, which is a welded wire fabric mesh.


The next crucial component that makes up a concrete floor is the joints, which refer to the seams you see across the floor area. Fitted inside these seams are the rigid joint fillers that safeguard the edges of the joint. As per specific needs, the joint fillers may need replacement every couple of years. Such replacement can be avoided with proper, regular maintenance.


The concrete mixture is poured onto the sub-base. The mixture contains ingredients such as sand, cement, and water. After the concrete has been laid on, it is given adequate time to dry and become hard. The ratio in which various ingredients of the mixture will be added depends on the specific needs of the buildings or facilities. You can use the concrete floor as the basic surface for your house or apartment by giving it a treatment of your choice. Or else, you can install any of the various flooring materials over the floor to cater to your specific tastes in design.

Are Concrete Floors Durable?

Among all the flooring materials available, you will find concrete floors to be the most durable and resilient. This quality comes from the inherent strength and hardness that concrete is well-known for.

If you plan to prolong the life of your concrete floors, you should have them installed in the correct manner by experienced professionals. If these floors are appropriately installed and properly sealed, they will last for several decades without requiring too much care and maintenance. In fact, sealers will not just give long-term protection to the floors, but they will also enhance the look.

Although floors made of concrete require the least amount of maintenance, you should not completely ignore their care. The level of maintenance required will depend on the quality of the floor and the amount of traffic it gets. For example, concrete floors laid down in a house or apartment require much less maintenance than those installed in retail spaces or commercial properties. In residential buildings, these floors will require general cleaning and occasional sweeping. Damp mopping every couple of days will keep them looking great for a long time.

Modern Design Techniques for Concrete Finishing

The look of concrete floors is not limited to the old-school plain and unadulterated gray anymore. This type of floor can also be made to appear attractive and unique both for houses and business places.

Today, you can achieve eye-catching designs with concrete floors. At Viking Concrete Floors, we specialize in concrete flooring In & Near Prairieville, LA  as well as high-quality concrete coatings as per your individual choices. Located in Prairieville, LA, we have installed these durable and low-maintenance floors in thousands of homes, apartments, offices, warehouses, and retail spaces. Concrete floors have broken the mold, and now they are installed in different locations of a house including kitchen floor, bedroom floor, bathroom floor, patios, lobbies, laundry room floor, patios, porches, basements, etc. The range of design for these floors continues to evolve.

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The options for decorative concrete flooring are too many. Some of the most popular options include stains, polishing, metallic, stencils, dyes, etc. You can also go for rubberized floor coating over concrete slabs.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you have additional questions in regard to concrete floors, their installation, and the various design options available for this type of flooring, you should head straight to the Viking Concrete Floors in Prairieville, LA. Reach out to one of our experts through contact form below or Give us a call at (225)-313-7950 Now!

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