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 Why Concrete Floor is The Eco-Friendly Choice

eco-friendly concrete flooring In & Near Prairieville, LA

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly construction is a primary focus of today’s commercial architecture and design. There are a lot of businesses looking for ways to improve the environment while saving energy and money at the same time. To call green building a trend would be misleading. The trend is much more than just a developer’s fad that’s sure to be outdated within a few years. As a matter of fact, green building is a movement that’s proven its worth in the residential industry, and it’s now catching on in the commercial construction field. Commercial contractors and architects are adopting green building practices in new construction and renovation projects. 


In terms of flooring solutions, concrete is among the most sustainable and environmentally friendly. In this blog, we explain why concrete flooring is one of the most eco-friendly choices! But before we start talking about concrete, let’s find out what qualities an eco-friendly flooring should have:


What To Look for in Eco-Friendly Options

When purchasing a floor for your home, business, or project, you should know which factors to consider in an eco-friendly floor. The first factor to consider is what materials the manufacturers use. You should look for a product made from renewable and natural resources. You should also investigate how the material is ethical. Does the manufacturer source their products sustainably? Do they use recycled materials? Do you know how long your flooring will last? Even if the flooring is made of natural materials, it can still pose a problem if it is torn up and thrown out in a few years, especially if it is not biodegradable. Floors that last longer are better for the environment. Finally, consider the toxicity of your floor. This includes materials like adhesives or finishes. Both your building and the original manufacturing plant can be harmed by toxic materials or products that contain a high level of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Make sure you choose cleaner options with low VOC levels to protect your health and the planet.


Why Concrete?

Concrete flooring in and near Prairieville, LA, is becoming the flooring of choice for those looking for sustainability, and here’s why:

Concrete flooring has recycled materials

A concrete can be eco-friendly floor because most of them are made from recycled materials! The materials used in concrete floors are metal shavings, crushed glass, and marble chips. As soon as your concrete floors are removed, the floors themselves will be recycled and used for other projects. 


Raw materials are rarely used

It takes very little raw material, if any, to install concrete flooring In & Near Prairieville, LA! Almost all concrete flooring is made from waste byproducts, and when installing concrete floors, the only products used are water-based hardeners and stain-resistant treatments!


Reflect light and radiate heat

Furthermore, concrete flooring is excellent at radiating heat and reflecting light. As a result, in the winter months, you’ll be able to save some money on your energy bills as your floors will keep and provide warmth throughout your building! It also reflects light well! You could utilize natural lighting from windows in your building if you strategize correctly! 



Concrete is one of the most durable flooring solutions when installed properly by a specialist like the experts in our concrete flooring company. The concrete floor can last for many years, provided it receives regular maintenance and cleaning. As with carpet, tile, and even wood, other types of flooring can eventually wear out and need to be replaced. You need concrete flooring if you’re concerned about sustainability for your commercial building! 


VOCs are avoided

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are potentially harmful components of certain flooring products and maintenance products. However, concrete flooring omits fewer VOCs compared to other flooring options. And when it’s polished, it will be VOC-free, so your employees and customers will breathe cleaner air. 



As a final point, concrete flooring is among the most cost-effective options. The same is true for commercial buildings and foundations because it is significantly more economical to keep the concrete floors exposed rather than install new flooring. 


The use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in commercial architecture and design continues to be popular, so don’t overlook concrete as a flooring material! Apart from being eco-friendly floor, our concrete flooring in & near Prairieville, LA, is also affordable, durable, and sustainable! 

What about polished concrete?

Using polished concrete reduces the environmental impact by using low VOC technology. The concrete can also be used as both a slab foundation and a finished floor, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency. Polished concrete eliminates the need for an additional flooring overlay. Industrial flooring options like tile, carpet, or hardwood use excessive materials that need to be replaced eventually, while concrete requires minimal maintenance. In the event that a commercial concrete floor needs to be removed, it is composed of biodegradable material that can be recycled.

a home flooring with ecofriendly concrete flooring In & Near Prairieville, LA

Additionally, polished concrete flooring is energy efficient and improves the interior climate. Concrete floors can absorb heat in colder weather, keeping a room warm. In direct sunlight, polished concrete actually helps keep floors cooler by protecting them from escalating temperatures. Low-cost heating and air conditioning can be achieved with polished concrete flooring in & near Prairieville, LA.
As green building becomes more prevalent, Viking Concrete Floors offers concrete solutions that are not only durable and environmentally friendly but also visually appealing and customizable. Whether you want stained concrete, polished, metallic, or coated with epoxy, we offer them in a variety of colors, as well as stenciling them to create a custom look.

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