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The Ultimate Prairieville Stained Flooring:

More Depth, Richer Color, Multiple Finishes! Our stained flooring will not Scratch, Chip, Flake or Peel like a typical stained concrete floor. Never Reseal. Never Polish!

Through our specialized process, we create a stained floor that produces a significantly deeper and richer appearance, protects the floor from ever having to be resealed and provides a finish that never needs to be polished.

  • Superbly resistant to wear
  • Inflammable
  • Energy Saving
  • Low Maintenance
  • Wipes clean like kitchen countertops
  • Will not store odors
  • Will not harbor allergens
  • No VOC’s
  • “Green” and environmentally safe
  • Affordable

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A Deeper Dive into Stained Concrete Flooring (Installation & Repair)

Concrete floors have become the flooring of choice for designers, architects, builders, and owners across the US. They are found everywhere from trendy restaurants and high-end retail to homes both new and old, due to their countless benefits. Among them are their striking good looks, which radiate beauty and sophistication unsurpassed by other flooring choices. Another is their unparalleled strength, which is superbly resistant to wear because their comprehensive strength is in excess of 4,500 pounds per square inch. The concrete’s tonal differences, subtle cracks, and aggregates provide a stone-like natural feel. Their finish shines a lustrous sheen. Stained flooring offers a range, unlike any other flooring material. They are so unique in their appearance that they blend seamlessly with the other elements that make up space.

Offering a much higher durability than traditional flooring materials, stained floors are very difficult to damage. When properly installed, they will not warp, buckle, loosen, flake, rot, harbor mold, harbor mildew, chip, peel, stain, discolor or fade. They are inflammable and resist ultraviolet light . They are resilient enough to withstand pressure from heavy equipment, vehicles, trucks, forklifts and tractors. They will never have to be removed or replaced and rarely have to be refinished. A professionally installed concrete flooring that is properly maintained can be expected to last indefinitely even under high traffic conditions.

Concrete floors make the home or building cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. The thermal mass of concrete has a very high capacity to absorb, store and slowly release heat or coolness back into the air above it. It is this thermal mass of concrete floors that moderate indoor temperature swings and reduce loads on air conditioning and heating units. This energy savings goes unrealized if the concrete is unexposed. Carpeting, hardwood, and tile have very low degrees of thermal mass therefore they reflect and dissipate warm and cool air.

No floor is completely maintenance free however; stained flooring requires far less maintenance than other flooring choices. It does not require frequent vacuuming or shampooing like carpet. It will not delaminate, break and accumulate grime in grout lines like tile. It does not require frequent mopping or waxing like hardwood or laminate. Just like on a kitchen counter, spills simply wipe up leaving no stains, odors or other lasting effects. Stained flooring requires only light maintenance to maintain its initial appearance indefinitely.

Concrete floors can be a miracle for allergy sufferers. Four primary sources of poor indoor air quality are: (1) Allergens – such as dust mites, mold and mildew. (2) Retained moisture. (3) Odors. (4) VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) – which are emitted by artificial building materials. All respiratory irritants are fostered by carpeting, padding and adhesive. Moisture and VOC troubles are common with wood and tile flooring. Stained concrete is installed with no VOC’s. Concrete flooring allows moisture to evaporate and provides no place for dust mites, mold or mildew to grow, cleans easily and will not store odors. Therefore, the air above and around a stained floor is optimal in terms of the home’s or building’s environment.

There are few materials that can resist the devastating effects of water. Water causes iron and steel to rust and wood and drywall to warp and rot. It enables bacteria to multiply and thrive. Water causes carpet to breed mold and mildew spores, tile to discolor and delaminate and wood to buckle and decompose. However, a concrete floor is unaffected by water. In fact, even after flooding concrete floors will only need a basic mopping and waxing with a liquid floor finish.

Significantly less energy is used in the production of a concrete floor than that of traditional flooring. No trees are cut down and concrete is recyclable. Concrete floors minimize waste. Because no new material is produced there is no depletion of resources. Sustainability means that a project is environmentally friendly to build, leaves a minimal carbon footprint, and results in cost savings during its entire life cycle. The use of concrete and specifically concrete flooring is one of the best ways for a building to qualify as a Green Building. Concrete as a building material is made from local materials, uses recycled materials, and is energy efficient to produce. Therefore, concrete floors use the existing slab and avoid the consumption of new flooring materials.

As processes & technologies have continued to advance, stained flooring have become one of the most affordable and versatile flooring installations available. The cost of professionally installed stained concrete flooring is low when compared to other high-quality flooring solutions.

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