Floor Installation in Prairieville

Darrell & Melissa King purchased a beautiful home in Prairieville, LA that is a replica of Magnolia Mound Plantation. This extraordinary home was flooded during the 2016 flood and they bought it to rebuild it. The original flooring in their new home were concrete floors however they were heavily damaged. They decided to replace this flooring with industrial metallic epoxy. They chose Tiki as the color.

The Process

Viking Concrete Floors began the floor installation by surface preparation with diamond grinding through what was left of the original concrete flooring. We were careful not to grind through the original scoring. By leaving the scoring intact we were able to produce what is called a ghosting effect. Even though the new flooring is completely flat, the original tile scored concrete shows through. We installed their industrial metallic epoxy and top coated that with an industrial clear urethane.

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After flooded floor renewinghome Metalic epoxy floor


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